ANNOUNCEMENTS - College Prep June 16, and Camps June 23 & July 28


What's Your Catalyst?


Train for 6, 12, 18

24 or 36 sessions

as an individual, pair,

group, or team

to improve athleticism

and soccer skill


Training programs for

teams at youth and

adult clubs / schools /



Skills, speed/agility,


moves, shooting,

passing, high school

and college prep


Winter, spring, and

summer youth/teen

camps are fun and

beneficial for all players


Speed, agility, 

plyometric, balance,

and dribbling skills

are measured in

soccer Custom

Training Programs


Develop body control

before ball control

enhance athletic

abilities and lower

the risk for injury


Youth and adult 4v4

Arena Futsal summer


May 17 & 18, 2014


Youth and adult

4v4 Arena Futsal

6 week leagues


Ages 4-10 learn the

basics of soccer and

build coordination

through fun soccer

games and drills


Open Gym use,

personal training,

and C-Fit group

workouts every



Host birthday parties,

group events, or

team practice on

the field/turf


College recruitment

highlight DVDs,

mental conditioning,

sports nutrition,

game filming,

and video analysis






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Soccer Performance

To enhance the way male and female soccer athletes in the USA perform by instituting a standard for training programs that improve the technique, efficiency, effectiveness, and speed of their running, cutting, jumping, and ball handling while instilling a heightened sense of body control to lower the risk for injury and improve athleticism.

Soccer Success

To make the athletes who are dedicated to this sport more appealing to and useful for club, high school, college, and professional coaches so they can have the valuable experiences and benefits of safe, fun, and successful soccer career.

Fitness & Health Education            

To provide soccer athletes with the support, knowledge, resources, and motivation to exercise and eat properly so they are inspired to maintain their best fitness and health for life beyond sports.



The Catalyst Training Center believes whole-heartedly in the following principles, but not just for the purpose of soccer training. These core values can apply to a variety of aspects in life and they certainly lay the strong foundation that the center is built on.

Have fun
It shouldn’t feel like a job – it’s a passion
Don’t wait to be great
Tomorrow is not guaranteed so maximize every opportunity to be your best
Improvement knows no end
Strive to learn more and be better everyday
NO ONE is bigger than the game!
It was here before you and it will be here long after you are gone


Soccer Preparation

Before a soccer athlete can be expected to perform successfully with the complexity of a ball and 21 other players on the field affecting the game and their body movements, they have to know how to control their own bodies first. A "strength aerobics" style of light weight and fast movements through circuit training is productive, beneficial, fun, and challenging. It's the best way to prepare the body for competing in soccer.

Player vs. Athlete

A "player" is a person who is involved in a game of some sort and participates for the simple purpose of wanting/needing to be a part of the activity. An "athlete" is a person who is involved in a sport requiring physical skill and participates because he/she possesses a talent that they embrace and cultivate appropriately. The extent to which a person is willing to dedicate themselves to their activity while maintaining a well-rounded focus on the other things in life that are just as important (education, family, career, health, socialization) is the defining line between calling yourself a soccer player and a soccer athlete. This specialized strength and conditioning training is essential to transforming a regular soccer player into an elite athlete.

Setting Goals

Whether the goal is to make varsity, get a college scholarship, or play in the professional leagues the training necessary to reach that level of competition needs to be your catalyst to get there. Setting specific short and long-term goals is extremely important. If you don't have an incentive to push yourself to fine tune all your abilities, discover new levels of skill, and treat your body right then you'll end up losing focus and making excuses to quit, so you have to hold yourself accountable for taking the steps to reach your goal.

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